Black Ceramic Candleholder


This black ceramic candleholder is made from natural black clay. The candleholder is made by hand on a potter’s wheel and afterwards hand sculpted and naturally dried. The candleholder mainly being a decoration piece can be used in several ways, it can be put on display with flowers as seen in the picture or could be used on a dinner table to hold a candle. The region where these are made in the upper middle of Bukovina is known for the tradition of making pottery with this clay. If you would like to display a piece with historical value of the region, then this product is for you.

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Materials used: Ceramic
Height: 167 mm
Candle diameter: 22 mm
Top diameter: 92 mm
Bottom diameter: 92 mm
Weight: 385 g
Cleaning instructions: The ceramic should be handwashed. Use an ecological detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly.
The dimensions and weight can deviate due to the product being handmade.
Origin: Bukovina, Suceava County


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