Wavy Navy Green Bowl


The wavy navy green ceramic bowl has a lot of character and can be used to display food beautifully. Whether it is a side dish to be shared in the middle of the table, or even soup could be served in it. This bowl has endless possibilities on your lunch or dinner table. The bowl is fully handmade without using a potter’s wheel. The artisan uses a double baking procedure, which means it is dishwasher safe! It is perfect to impress your guests as well. It can be used daily or for special occasions.

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Materials used: Non-toxic clay
Height: 62 mm
Top diameter: 201 mm
Bottom diameter: 112 mm
Weight: 711 g
Colour: Green
Cleaning instructions: Dishwasher safe. Use ecological detergent.
The dimensions and weight can deviate due to the product being handmade.
Origin: Transylvania, Cluj County

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