Tricolored Espresso Cup with Plate


This tricoloured ceramic espresso cup and matching plate have a glazy finish. This product, with a modern look and handmade character, is an ultimate display piece when serving an espresso to your friends, family, or customers. The espresso cup is fully handmade without using a potter’s wheel. The artisan uses a double baking procedure, which means it is dishwasher safe! It can be used daily or for special occasions.

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Materials used: Non-toxic clay
Height: 70 mm
Plate diameter: 96 mm
Top diameter: 70 mm
Bottom diameter: 51 mm
Volume: 120 ml
Weight cup + plate: 260 g
Colour: 3 colours see pictures
Cleaning instructions: Dishwasher safe. Use ecological detergent.
The dimensions, volume, and weight can deviate due to the product being handmade.
Origin: Transylvania, Cluj County


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