Traditional Handmade Shirt for Women


This Romanian Shirt or in Romanian IE is fully handmade. This design originates from the Bistrița-Năsăud region in Transylvania where they are still made in the traditional way with hand sewing techniques that have been used for centuries. It takes weeks to complete a shirt like this, that is why this product is rare and much sought-after. This is a piece that represents the Romanian folklore tradition and its rich history.

Materials used: Cotton
Size XS:
Bust: 101 cm
Hip: 101,5 cm
Length Front: 62 cm
Length Back: 63 cm
Sleeve: 65 cm
Size M:
Bust: 121 cm
Hip: 121,5 cm
Length Front: 63 cm
Length Back: 64 cm
Sleeve: 64 cm
Size L:
Bust: 130 cm
Hip: 132 cm
Length Front: 63,5 cm
Length Back: 65,5 cm
Sleeve: 66 cm
Size XL:
Bust: 137 cm
Hip: 134 cm
Length Front: 64 cm
Length Back: 65,5 cm
Sleeve: 64,5 cm

Weight: 226g – 262g
Cleaning instructions: We recommend to wash the shirt inside out in the washing machine at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.
The dimensions and weight can deviate due to the product being handmade.
Origin: Transylvania, Bistrița-Năsăud County


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