Decorated Vase


This vase has been beautifully decorated with industrial gold painting. The glass is made by blowing and heat treatment. The painting on the glass is made with 10 carat industrial gold and special colours, after which it is tempered twice at 560°C. This fuses the painting with the glass. We recommend hand washing with normal detergents and always rinsing these well. Do not use any heavy-duty cleaning solutions on the product as it may damage the painting and/or glass.

Materials used: Glass, Industrial gold, Special colours
Height: 260 mm
Top diameter: 80 mm
Bottom diameter: 70 mm
Volume: 1800 ml
Weight: 588 g
Cleaning instructions: The glass should be handwashed to avoid oxidation of the industrial gold. Use a normal detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly.
The dimensions, volume, and weight can deviate due to the product being handmade.
Origin: Transylvania, Brașov County


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