Where does the name Frumoro come from?

Where does the name Frumoro come from?

Frumoro is the combination of “frumos” and “ro”. “Ro” stands for Romania and “frumos” means beautiful in Romanian.

Etymologically, “frumos” comes from the Latin word “formosus”. “Formosus” is formed by “forma” and “osus” in Latin, which means full of beauty or shape.

The Greek word for beautiful is “όμορφος” (ómorfos) which is also similar as “frumos”. It is believed that both Latin and Greek words for “beautiful” descended from their ancestral language, the Proto-Indo-European language.

The ending “oro” can be compared with “aur”, gold in Romanian. Or “or” in French.

The above explanations show that the name Frumoro stands for beautiful and valuable craftmanship from Romania.

The logo that we chose is a typical Romanian motive. Both the name and logo are intellectual property of Frumoro SRL. The trademark is registered for all countries of the EU. (https://euipo.europa.eu)